Santa's New Sleigh


I had the opportunity to work on this incredibly fun project during the holiday season.

I was brought on board from the beginning of the project to create a look development workflow that would let our 3D team effortlessly match the stylish, painterly look of the original styleframes.

My role in this project was that of look development and compositing lead. In addition, I also picked up various modeling and lighting tasks during the project.



Directed by BUCK
Executive Creative Director: Ryan Honey
Executive Producer: Maurie Enochson
Creative Director: Joshua Harvey
Associate Creative Director: Steve Day
Producer: Emily Rickard
Production Coordinator: Kaitlyn Mahoney
Art Director: Gunnar Pettersson
Design: Gunnar Pettersson, Joshua Harvey, Kenesha Sneed, Trevor Conrad, Susan Yung, Jenny Ko, Ege Soyuer, Hugh Keenan
Storyboards: Cameron Lewis
CG Supervisor: Doug Wilkinson
CG Lead: Jens Lindgren
CG Look Lead: Alex Dingfelder
CG Generalist/Compositor: Jens Lindgren, Ana Luisa Santos, Joao Rema, Alex Dingfelder, Kim Zhu
Rigging: Josh Carey, Kevin Culhane
Animation Director: Steve Day
CG Character Animation: Ian Brauner, Yoav Stibelman, James Parris, Kevin Culhane, Kiel Figgins, Dony Permedi
Cel Animation: Harry Tietelman, Kendra Ryan, Song Kim, Laura Yilmaz, Yoav Stibelman, Matthew Everton, Claudio Salas
AE Animation Director: Moses Journey
AE Compositing and Animation: Moses Journey, Claudio Salas, Daniel Coutinho, Esteban Esquivo, Andreas Bjoern Hansen, Takuya Hosogane
Music Composition and Sound Design: Antfood