Orbit stories

Role: CG LEAD, lead lighting, Look development and compositing, modeling

A trio of small spots we did for Orbit Soft Chew. I loved these fun little characters.

I was responsible for executing the CG elements (Except animation) of the original motion test pitch and then leading the CG Team after the project was awarded.


This was a pretty straightforward character job, but it was still a blast to work on.


Directed by BUCK
Executive Creative Director Ryan Honey
Executive Producer Maurie Enochson
Associate Creative Director Steve Day
Head of CG Doug Wilkinson
Producer Kaitlyn Mahoney Nick Carmen
Production Coordinator Solana Braun
Design Audrey Lee, Audrey Yeo, Janice Ahn
Additional Design Jigyu Yoon, Steve Day, Deborah Cruchon, Jerry Suh
Storyboards Connie Chan, Uri Lotan, Dony Permedi
CG Supervisor Doug Wilkinson
CG Lead Alex Dingfelder
Animation Director Steve Day
Modeling Sana Srinivasan, Alex Dingfelder, Wing Sze Lee, John Niehuss
Rigging Ernesto Ruiz Velasco, Alex Mann, Lee Wolland, Eyad Hussein
Character Animation Dony Permedi, Uri Lotan, Nicole Ridgwell
Look Development Alex Dingfelder, Sana Srinivasank Wing Sze Leek John Niehuss
Lighting/Rendering Alex Dingfelder, Jens Lindgren
Compositing Alex Dingfelde,r Sana Srinivasan
FX Jake Rice
Music & Sound Design Antfood