Role: Look Development, Modeling, Compositing, Lighting, Hair TD

For McDonald's American "Happy" campaign, BUCK worked closely with the folks at Leo Burnett to create this amazing little collection of fun character spots.

I was involved with this project from the very beginning, being responsible for the Look Development, Lighting and Compositing of the pitch, which later turned into the first spot of this campaign.

The lighting rig, nuke script and shaders I created during the first spot were re-used during the whole campaign, to keep it's unified look. Apart from this, I also picked up various tasks throughout the campaign, like modeling certain assets and creating/look deving Barbie's hair.

During later spots, my responsibilites shifted to working on the food for the end tag bundles.

This is the original spot BUCK created for the campaign


Directed by: Buck
Executive Creative Director: Ryan Honey
Executive Producer: Maurie Enochson
Sr. Producer: Nick Terzich
Production Coordinator: Kaitlyn Mahoney
Associate Creative Directors: Steve Day, Kevin Walker, Joe Mullen
CG Supervisor: Doug Wilkinson
CG Lead: Jens Lindgren
Buck Lead CG Animators: Dony Permedi, Lindsey Butterworth
Buck CG Animators: Adam Floeck, Tyler Lancaster, Uri Lotan, Yoav Shtibelman
Additional CG Animators: Ian Brauner, David Nasser, Matthew Connolly
Buck 2D Animators: Kendra Ryan, Laura Yilmaz, Craig Yamamoto, Moses Journey, Uri Lotan, Yoav Shtibelman, Eric Cheng, Rasmus Bak, Takuya Hosogane
Additional 2D Animators: Harry Teitelman, Matthew Everton, Alan Foreman, Taik Lee, Phylicia Fuentes, Sean Lattrell
Riggers: Eyad Hussein, Ernesto Ruiz Velasco
Modeling/Look Dev: Wing Lee, Eric Pagtaconan, Kim Zhu, Alex Dingfelder, John Niehuss, Florent Raffray, Ovi Bogdan
Rendering/Compositing: Wing Lee, Eric Pagtaconan, Kim Zhu, Alex Dingfelder, John Niehuss, Florent Raffray, Ovi Bogdan
Technical Direction: Albert Omoss
Storyboards: Susan Yung
Design/Concept Art: Susan Yung, Simon Ekstrand Appel, Harry Teitelman
Editor: Moses Journey
Music by: Chromeo