cadbury & oreo

Role: CG LEAD, lead lighting and compositing, look development, modeling

For this project we collaborated between BUCK's LA and Sydney offices.

My main role during this project was to lead the CG team in LA and cement the final look in CG, along with leading the lighting and compositing process.


I was also responsible for modeling and executing the look development of several assets, particularily in the beach shots.

Sydney directed and designed the spot while LA executed the CG work, which was a very interesting adventure.


Directed by BUCK
Creative Director: Gareth O’Brien
Executive Producer: Erica Ford
Art Director: Lucas Brooking
Design: Lucas Brooking, Colin Bigelow, Gareth O’Brien, Pete McDonald, Josh Edwards, Jason Pamment, Mathijs Luitjen, Matisse Gonzalez
Storyboards: Matisse Gonzalez
Head of CG: Doug Wilkinson
Associate Creative Director: Jenny Ko
Producer: Emily Rickard, Ashley Hsieh
CG Lead: Alex Dingfelder
Animation Director: Alessandro Ceglia
3D and Look Development: Alex Dingfelder, Wing Sze Lee, Michele Herrera, Eric Pagtaconan, Jens Lindgren, Mingoo Park, John Niehuss, Meng-Chwen Joy Tien, Joao Rema, Ana Luisa Santos, Ariana Ziae-Mohseni, Seung-Min Shin, Wayne Osborne
Rigging: Eyad Hussein
3D Animation: Alessandro Ceglia, Tyler Lancaster, Allan Steele, George Schermer, Annie Jan, Adam Floeck
Matte Painting: Scott Huntsman
2D Animation: Rocio Cogno, Nick Petley
Compositing: Alex Dingfelder, Wing Sze Lee, Joao Rema, Eric Pagtaconan
Audio House: Nylon